Best Online Educational Platforms in Bangladesh

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We will discuss the best online educational platforms in Bangladesh. Education is the backbone of a nation. So, we need to have good platforms.

Knowledge, Learning, and Experience are blessings of life. In ancient times, acquiring them was very hard. But today, it is easier to achieve.

Like the whole world, in Bangladesh, online education is now more popular due to Covid-19. Covid has changed a lot of things for us.

Best Online Educational Platforms in Bangladesh

1. 10 Minute School

10 Minute School plays a vital role in the online education system in Bangladesh. They started their online education through YouTube and then Facebook. Later, they built their website and apps. Now, they are leading online education in Bangladesh. Here is the list of 10 minute School Courses list.

2. Shikho

Shikho is one of the fast-growing educational platforms in Bangladesh. They work for SSC and HSC students and Skills for job seekers. They have already launched animated courses for HSC and SSC candidates. These animated courses help to understand better for the students. Their Skills courses, like MS Office, CV writing, and GRE, are also excellent. If you use the WZAMAN promo code at, you get 50% OFF or more. Here is the list of Shikho courses with promo links.

3. Bohubrihi

Bohubrihi is a renowned online skills-learning platform in Bangladesh. Some courses are given below.

More Lists are coming…………

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