Free Online Courses From Bohubrihi

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Free Online Courses have been brought by the e-learning platform Bohubrihi in Bangladesh. By enrolling in these courses, you can initialize your skills. Hope for the best.

Basically, these courses are very basic level courses. Those who have no knowledge about the topics mentioned below may get a good vibe after enrollment.

Free Online Courses From Bohubrihi

Free Online Courses From Bohubrihi Included:

  1. Facebook Marketing Tools (Organic)
  2. World of Digital Marketing
  3. YouTube Marketing for Organic Reach
  4. Complete HTML5, CSS3 & Bootstrap 4
  5. Statistics / Data Analysis with SPSS
  6. MS Excel Basics for Beginners
  7. Introduction to DC Circuits
  8. Adobe Illustrator – Mastering the Fundamentals
  9. PowerPoint Masterclass – Beginner to Pro
  10. Creating E-Commerce Website With Woocommerce
  11. WordPress for Beginners: Build Website in 1 Day
  12. Bond vs Stock: The Crash Course

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