Learn Spoken English with Munzereen Shahid

It’s very essential to learn spoken English in our educational and professional life as English is an international language.

From our childhood, we were starting learning English but at the end of our education, most of us don’t speak English fluently.

In this globalized world, we need to communicate every single moment and most of the time, the language is English for international purposes.

Learn Spoken English with Munzereen Shahid

Learn Spoken English with Munzereen Shahid

If you want to learn how to speak English, this course may help you to learn.

This Course is offered by 10 Minute School and the course instructor is Munzereen Shahid

Who is Munzereen Shahid?

Munzereen was a meritorious student of Dhaka University in the English Department. She completed her B.A and M.A degree from here. Now, she is studying at the University of Oxford. Her IELTS score is 8.5

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What things are included in the course?

  • 80 Video lectures
  • 80 quizzes
  • 80 notes
  • 80 audio lectures
  • 80 transcripts
  • 1 PDF Book

Duration: 6 months

Who should join the course?

  • If you think, you should learn spoken English
  • If your friends laugh while you talk in English
  • If you are facing problems during the presentation
  • doesn’t want to waste his/her leisure
  • want to overcome one’s trouble in English while staying home.
  • doesn’t care about Grammar.

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