Basic Course For Govt Jobs in Bangladesh

This blog will discuss a basic course for Govt jobs in Bangladesh. If you are a Govt job seeker in Bangladesh, you are in the right place.

Govt jobs are the very most demanding jobs in Bangladesh. Many graduated students are trying to get a Govt job, and govt job is popular because of their security and salaries.

To get a Govt job, you need a strong basis in Bangla, English, Mathematics, General Knowledge, Science, ICT, etc. So, you need to understand these topics.

If you are a pro-student, this Course may not help you much, but it will give you the correct view of Govt job.

10 Minute School, an online education pioneer, has launched a basic course for Govt jobs.

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Every year, many Government job recruitment examinations are held in Bangladesh between 11 to 20 grades under different ministries except BCS and Bank. Primary Assistant Teacher Recruitment is one of them. This year, the Directorate of Primary Education will recruit 45000+ teachers in the Primary section.

Basic Course For Govt Jobs in Bangladesh

The instructors of this Course are from famous universities in Bangladesh and well-known teachers in the 10 Minute School.

The instructors are:

  • Farhan Sakib, Jahangirnagar University
  • Abdullah Al Mehedi, Brac University
  • Nafis Islam, BUET
  • Fatima Farhana Prova, Jahangirnagar University
  • Sabila Mustafa, RUET

What do you learn from this Course?

√ Strong Subject wise basic
√ Details guidelines for job preparation
√ Justify yourself by participating in exams

What will include in this Course?

  • 94 recorded classes
  • PDF notes for every class
  • 940 quizzes and their solution
  • Guidelines through Facebook Group
  • 10 Full Model Test
  • Live Class Via Facebook Group

Hopefully, this Basic Course For Govt Jobs in Bangladesh Course will help you better prepare for Govt job sectors in Bangladesh. Please comment below in this post if you have any queries about it.

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Basic Course For Govt Jobs in Bangladesh

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