Munzereen Shahid’s Books & Courses

Munzereen Shahid published some books and launched some courses. The Books are also available in PDF Format. The Courses platform is 10 Minute School.

Nowadays, Munzereen Shahid has become popular in social media especially Facebook & YouTube. She makes videos to teach Spoken English especially.

She worked at 10 Minute School as HR. One day. she made a video and posted it on Facebook and has become popular. From then, she started making videos. Now, she is one of the public figures in Social Media.

She published books online and offline. In last year, she was one of the best sellers writers in Bangladesh.

List of Munzereen Shahid’s Books

List of Munzereen Shahid’s PDF Books

The Course of Munzereen Shahid

The Platform of this course is Robi 10 Minute School. The Course link is given below:

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Munzereen Shahid
Munzereen Shahid, Photo: Facebook/Munzereen

Who is Munzereen Shahid?

Munzereen is a Bangladeshi Citizen. Now, She lives in the United Kingdom and studies the Oxford University. Her Subject is English. She was an ex-student of the University of Dhaka. She completed her Bachelor of Arts(B.A) and Masters of Arts(M.A) from DU.

What is the IELTS Score of Munzereen?

The IELTS Score of Munzereen is 8.5.

Munzereen Shahid Spoken English Course

Visit Here for the course.

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