Free Online Courses by 10 Minute School

Free Online Courses by 10 Minute School is discussed in this blog. 10MS is a pioneer online educational platform in Bangladesh.

In the pandemic situation, Online education spreads all over the world as well as in Bangladesh. So, it is high time to cope with the situation. Otherwise, we are unable to cope with the modern world.

10 Minute School offers different kinds of courses, both paid and free. In this blog, we will focus on Free Online Courses. A list of Free Courses is given below:

  1. Presentation & Public Speaking
  2. CV Writing & Interview
  3. Email Writing
  4. How to Publish a Book
  5. Communication Secrets
  6. Communication Hacks
  7. Be a Writer
  8. Basics of Entrepreneurship and Business
  9. Basics of Management
  10. Business Case Solving
  11. Business English
  12. Complete English Grammar Course
  13. Corporate Etiquette
  14. Crafting for Kids

These courses are free of cost. You can join these courses by signing up. Hopefully, these free online courses by 10 Minute School will help upgrade your level.

Join other Courses From 10 Minute School

  1. Ghore Boshe Spoken English (112,647+ Students Enrolled)
  2. Learn Quran Online in 24 hours (23,437+ Students Enrolled)
  3. Kids’ English Spoken Course (16,397+ Students Enrolled)
  4. English Grammar Crash Course 13,199+ Students Enrolled)
  5. Facebook Marketing (17,607+ Students Enrolled)
  6. Learn PowerPoint from Beginner to Expert (11,645+ Students Enrolled)
  7. Microsoft Excel (10,799+ Students Enrolled)
  8. Learn SEO with Faruk Khan & Be an SEO Expert
  9. HSC 2023 Short Syllabus [Crash Course]
  10. IELTS Course by Munzereen Shahid
  11. English for Professionals
  12. Graphic Designing with Photoshop
  13. English Writing for Students
Free Online Courses by 10 Minute School

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